Seasons of life

For a long time now I’ve been fighting the idea that my Grandmother’s picture perfect house is the goal I should be striving for. I’ve spent many nights obsessing over how I was going to accomplish this goal in the morning, and many afternoon nap-times lamenting the fact that once again I was no closer to my goal than I was the night before when I made all those wondrous plans. I finally broke down and did some serious praying and soul searching to figure out what my problem was, why I couldn’t seem to accomplish the goal that I had set for myself. (Why do I always wait until I am stressed to the max to take it to prayer?)

One day, during a praying session it finally dawned on me! My first problem was that I was striving to live a life of perfection (perfection-such an ugly thing wrapped up in such a beautiful package), and I was setting goals based on someone else’s season of life, not my own. My Grandmother is a wonderful woman, who just so happens to live with one adult neat freak male and no one else. She also is blessed to have a cleaning lady come once every other week to do all of her dusting, vacuuming, etc.

What does my life look like? I am married to a wonderful man who seriously thinks that every flat surface is the perfect place to set his wallet, keys, and whatever else may just happen to be in his pocket at the time. I have four beautiful children who believe that the living room is one giant toy box, the kitchen table is the only place to keep all of their treasured art supplies, and that every thing they have ever worked on is a masterpiece and needs to be saved for the future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

That doesn’t mean that I have to live in a house of chaos and confusion, but it does mean, that for at least this season of my life, my ideas of the perfect house will have to be placed on hold. We homeschool, we spend 90% of our time at our house instead of out and about everywhere else, and to top it all off I am pregnant with our fifth child and having a difficult time just getting up and moving, let alone spending hours a day on my hands and knees scrubbing.

My Grandmother, on the other hand, is in a much different season of life. She rests, relaxes, makes dinner when she wants to and eats out if it is more convenient. She has no little ones to clean up after, and at most has two place settings to wash after dinner. She also has two of her children who live close by and randomly stop at her house and make sure that she doesn’t need help with anything. So different than my world!

After much thought and deliberation I’ve come to realize that my world isn’t so bad. One day my house will look just like my Grandma’s, but for now, the art projects, muddy footprints, and oatmeal covered high chair are just reminders that I’ve been blessed with an amazing bunch of children and I need to remember to enjoy every moment I have with them. Much too soon they will be all grown up, and I will have my wonderfully clean house, but without the laughter of my children playing or the sweet cry of a hungry baby. Enjoy the season of life that you are in!


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