God’s Faithfulness

Sometimes in life things don’t always go as we had planned and we question the faithfulness of God. There are times in every Christian’s life that we lay awake at night pleading with God to just let us know that He is still there and cares about us at all. Last night my church ended our summer concert series with the JJ Weeks Band (who I highly recommend by the way, look them up if you’ve never heard of them!), and the lead singer actually talked about this very thing. A lot was said, but one phrase stuck in my mind and I think it’s important that we all hear it, those times when we feel like God isn’t listening, when we feel like He doesn’t care and he’s going to let us fall, those are the times that He is actively working in our lives to remedy every situation that we are in. It’s another version of the “Footprints in the Sand” poem, but one well worth repeating. We all have tough times, and we all feel like God has left us at some point in time. Just remember that we serve a good God who will NEVER leave us or forsake us, He just has a tendency to do things His way, not ours (which I personally think is a VERY good thing!). Have a great Sunday and remember to keep the faith!


Back to school!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer vacation! Even as homeschoolers we still needed a break around here, so we packed up and have enjoyed some wonderful time with family and friends. It is all too easy to get caught up in the idea of “year round” homeschooling that we forget that our kids, and even ourselves sometimes need a break so that we can freshen up and be ready to start back again and hit the ground running. Remember how the Bible talks about taking a Sabbath day? That is important as not just a part of our weekly routine but as a part of our year round homeschooling routine as well!

We have taken two trips to North Carolina, and one trip to Indiana. Each of those trips has involved lots of time with our extended family and close friends. We are fortunate enough to have members of both my husbands family and my own family living within one hour of each other in North Carolina. Unfortunately every trip we take tends to lean heavily on one side of the family or the other, so we made two trips this year, one for each side of the family:). Despite our break from homeschooling our kids learned so much in those two trips, about fish, ocean currents, how sand is made, and why their our seashells on the seashore. Other things were learned as well, but those are a few that come to mind. With the right mindset the world is our classroom and even during a “break” a lot of learning can happen!

Our trip to Indiana may not have been nearly as “educational”, but there were valuable life lessons learned, the kind that can’t be taught from a textbook. The importance of family, friends, and helping others are all essential ideals in the making of a well rounded child, and every one of those was impressed upon my children during our trip. My boys especially have a very strong bond with their grandfather. I can’t tell you the joy it brought my heart to watch the help my Dad cook us all dinner over an open fire. My husband is a manly man, the kind of guy who likes to fix cars, work on the yard, and play war time video games. My Dad is also a manly man, the kind who likes to fish, hunt, camp, and cook outdoors. Both men lend invaluable knowledge to my boys and are amazing role models for my boys to emulate.

My oldest daughter especially got to learn the importance of true friendship, the kind of friendship that develops after two decades of pouring your heart out to someone, and having them pour their heart out to you. The kind of friendship that allows you to sit silently in a room with someone for hours and feel like you’ve had the most wonderful visit ever. Not that there was much of that going around, it’s been over a year since my best friend and I have gotten together so there was a lot of catching up to do. Just being able to observe the carefree conversation, the ease of laughter, and the unselfish want for the others well being that my friend and I share made a huge impact on my daughter. It’s not the kind of friendship that is easily obtained, quickly found, or carelessly fostered, but it’s the kind of friendship that sis worth more than gold and can stand the test of time. She realized during those long hours at my friends house what true friendship really is. She understands now why it is so much more important to have one good friend than one hundred superficial ones. I just hope and pray that she can find and foster a friendship that will stand the test of time the way that my friend and I have.

That’s a quick rundown of our summer vacation. If you haven’t yet be sure to take a break and rejuvenate before starting back to school again. Some of the best life lessons are learned outside of a classroom, even if that classroom is in our own homes. Be sure to give your kids a chance to visit family, overhear conversations between close friends, and witness the glory of God in the nature that surrounds them before you pack them back up into the house for book studies. For now, just enjoy your summer!