Fall Kindergarten Unit

Every day we will be using pages from this Fall Pack.

Materials: printer paper and ink, scissors, glue, construction paper, crayons or markers, old worn out cds or dvds, toilet paper rolls, toilet paper, coffee filters, food coloring, 


Day 1:

Read The Search for Autumn

Oo is for oak coloring page

O printing page

Oak leaf scavenger hunt (send them out with this template to find a leaf)

Watch Acorn Becomes Oak Tree in Timelapse video


Day 2:

Read The Little Scarecrow Boy

Watch The Final Straw

Practice making scary faces from the book

Scarecrow face template

Scarecrow hat and bandanna template

Ss coloring page


Day 3:

Read It’s Pumpkin Day Mouse

Watch Rotting Pumpkin time lapse

Jj is for jack o lantern printing page

CD Pumpkin craft


Day 4:

Read Where’s My Mummy?

Mummy coloring page

Mm coloring page

Mummy craft


Day 5:

Read Dappled Apples

Aa is for apple printing page

Coffee filter art (templates here and instructions from here)


Day 6:

Read There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves!

Hh coloring page

Hay coloring page

Watch Bailing Hay timelapse


Please note that some of these days may be spread out over two days.  In this case the books will be read again on the next day and any letter pages will be done as well before moving on with the activities.  I will make flashcards for each letter that we have covered and we will go over these flashcards before we do anything else each day.




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