Pirates Kindergarten Unit

Everyday we will be using this Kindergarten kit.

Materials: paint, paintbrush, paper plate, crayons or markers, scissors, glue, printer ink and paper, construction paper, cardstock or laminator, string/yarn, oreos, gummy worms

Day 1:

Read Eye Wonder: Pirate

Listen to the Silly Pirate Song

Pirate map cut and paste

P is for pirate printing practice


Day 2:

Read Pirates, Level 2

Pirate hat craft (cardstock or laminated paper)

Pirate printing practice


Day 3: 

Read Tough Boris

Ff coloring page

Ff is for flag coloring page

Create a flag


Day 4:

Read How I Became a Pirate

Dd coloring page

Digging dog coloring page

Crush oreos and place in bowl, bury gummy worms and have kids dig for the worms


Day 5:

Read Pirate Pete

Pp is for parrot

Parrot craft

Watch Pets 101-Parrots

Watch the dancing parrot


Day 6:

Read Little Badger, Terror of the Seven Seas

Letter Bb Coloring page

Badger coloring page

Little Critter paper doll (I’m calling him a badger!)

Pirate clothes for Little Critter


Day 7:

Read Pirates in the Park

N is for nut printing page

Cut and paint acorn template

Watch Funniest Scrat Moments (chasing a nut)


It is highly likely some of these days will stretch out for two or more days.  In that case we will redo some of the worksheets and read the book again before moving on with the other activities.  I will make a flashcard for each letter we cover and go over the flashcards first thing before starting any other activities.


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