Thanksgiving Kindergarten Unit

Everyday we will be using the following Thanksgiving Pack. (Part 1 pgs 3-8, 11-17, 31-38, Part 2 pgs 13-17, 25-29, 36-39, Part 3 Pgs 5-7, 20-24 for the older boy, 28-29, 36-39, Part 4 Pgs. 16-17, Part 5 Pgs. 3 for the older boy, 7-8)

My older boy will be reading Thanksgiving on Thursday

My older boy and older girl will be taking a few virtual field trips here.

Materials:  Construction paper, glue, scissors, pen or fine tipped marker, crayons, printer ink and paper, cardboard tubes (toilet paper or paper towel), paper plates, Q-Tips, paint, googly eyes

Day 1:

Read I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie

Make a hand wreath. (Write one thing you are thankful for on each hand)

Day 2:

Read The Pilgrim’s First Thanksgiving

Make Thanksgiving People.

Day 3:

Read The Berenstein Bear’s Thanksgiving Blessings

Q-Tip Painting Letters

Day 4:

Read Over The River And Through The Woods

Pop-Up Turkeys

Day 5:

Read Thanksgiving Cats

Cat cut and paste

Day 6:

Have fun exploring I Spy Thanksgiving

Handprint turkeys

Gg coloring page (gobble-gobble)

Day 7:

Read Silly Tilly’s Thanksgiving Dinner

Tee Pee craft

Day 8:

Read Cranberry Thanksgiving

Indian corn craft


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