Silly beans!

I have been cooking dried beans for YEARS now. I’ve made them on the stovetop, in a pressure cooker, and in the slow cooker. I’ve soaked and not soaked, simmered for hours, and boiled as quickly as I could. They always turn out just fine for our tastes. I had an issue once with a package of split peas, they refused to soften, but I don’t really like them anyway so I just used it as an excuse to toss them. That way I could tell my husband that I had tried to make them for him but it just wasn’t working:)

Two days ago I started a pound of beans in my slow cooker and went on about my business. I did some cleaning, sewing, and then sat down to watch some tv with my husband. Once I sat down I realized how incredibly tired I was and took a little nap snuggled up to my sweetie on the couch. He woke me up at five and I stumbled into the kitchen to throw the beans in a pot with some rice to finish them off, and they had doubled in size but were still hard as a rock. I quickly decided to throw together a quick pizza crust and use up some cheese and pepperoni that I had in the fridge.

Yesterday I took said beans out of the fridge and put them back in the slow cooker. Six hours later (on high) they still were too hard. They had softened some but not very much. I poured them into a pot and boiled them for three hours on top of the stove. They began to split, and the skins peeled off, but the beans were still hard! I have no idea what is going on! It makes no sense whatsoever. Hubby told me that he wasn’t sure he wanted too eat beans that wouldn’t soften after thirteen hours of cooking so I dumped them and he picked up Chinese on his way home from work. I know beans are cheap, so it’s not like I threw tons of money away, but I am perplexed! Sure wish I knew what in the world caused this bean problem…