Math bean bags!

I had some fun last night making some numbered bean bags for my little ones.


They were super easy to make, I just cut some 5″x10″ strips of fabric, and then cut some numbers from an old worn out t-shirt. After trying it out I think a non stretchy fabric would have worked better, but live and learn! I took the fabric numbers and machine appliqu├ęd them onto the strips, and then folded the strips right sides together and sewed the three open edges together, leaving a gap to turn the bags with. Then I turned the bags, filled with a bit of rice, and sewed the gaps closed. Easy peasy!


New dress!

I had a wonderful time over at my friends house the other night. She is a wonderful seamstress and we got together to make my youngest a new dress. I love working with her, she is such a patient teacher and I learn something new every time I go over there. I learned how to gather on this dress (on the sleeves). We had a blast, it probably took twice as long for her to help me make it than if she just made it herself, that’s why she is such a great teacher, she has tons of patience! I am so thankful that God has sent such a wonderful friend into my life!


Bias tape woes

Geesh, I spent all afternoon yesterday trying to make some nice looking hot pads. Everything is great until I get to the bias tape part, and then it just all goes downhill from there. I can’t get the mitered corners right and it really stinks! I’ve tried four different techniques and nothing is working right. I’m usually pretty good at figuring things out, especially with sewing, but this has me stumped! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Sewing up a storm

Remember I said that my friend was going to come over and sew with me? We had so much fun! I learned a lot and we managed to get two dresses done in one evening. Her husband was more than ready to go home long before we were finished with the second dress, but he was a good sport and let us finish:)

Over the past two weeks I’ve made those two dresses for my little girl, a nightgown for her, a cute shirt, and a skirt. For my oldest girl I have made two skirts. For my boys I took three of their most beloved long sleeve shirts (which are much too hot to be wearing right now) and converted them into short sleeves so they will still get some use out of them before they are outgrown. I also made an iPod holder for my husband that matches his work uniform, draperies for some storage shelving, and I’m in the middle of a denim patchwork dog bed and a set of curtains for my oldest daughters room. We recently moved her to her own room downstairs. She is so excited to not have to share a room and we are allowing her to decorate (almost) however she sees fit. The curtains are made from some really high quality white flat sheets that have been sitting in the back of our linen closet for years. When I am finished hemming them up we are going to go to the store and let my girl pick out a stencil and some fabric paint, and let her have a go at her curtains. It should make for a fun and truly unique look for her room! She is so artsy, she loves the idea of creating personalized curtains and I hope they come out as good as we envision them!