Momma’s in college and the kids are homeschooled…

We are still homeschooling, it’s been four years since we made the plunge and we still feel like it’s the best thing that we’ve done for our children.  I’ve spent hours coming up with “perfect” lesson plans, finding resources, organizing the school year, etc.  The thing is, I’ve been called to change.  Although at times it was frustrating and overwhelming, a part of me has loved every minute of it all.  Now God has called me to do other things with my time as well and something had to give.  I started college in January.  Thankfully my degree is 100% online and on my schedule.  I am told at the beginning of the week what I need to get done, and I turn it in by the end of the week.  Without this kind of flexibility I don’t think I could do this, God is so good to have set this up for me like that!  I realized early on that I couldn’t go to college and homeschool the kids the same way that I have been doing it.

Enter online schooling!  My oldest is using the curriculum at All In One Homeschool and I have to say that I love it!  It is so thorough, teaches everything exactly how I would teach it, and teaches my daughter to take personal responsibility for her work.  We do not use the math or science on there though.  We use Saxon Math, not the crazy expensive homeschool version, just a used public school textbook and I don’t think she could get a better math foundation from any other curriculum.  She really wanted something special for science we tried a few things and decided on Uzzingo and she seems to really enjoy it.  I think this fall though we might switch out to Apologia science but I haven’t decided 100% on that yet.  My second child is using Time 4 Learning.  It’s not my favorite program ever, but it will work just fine for now until he is old enough to use All In One Homeschool independently.  My youngest two are using ABC Mouse to learn all of their basics.

This new way of homeschooling is so wonderful for us right now.  It allows us all to get done what we need to get done for the day without everyone waiting on Mommy to sit down and teach them.  Of course I still go over things with them and check their grades to see if there is anything they need special help on, but it saves me so much time and allows me the time and energy that I need to focus on my goals as well.


So blessed

I am blessed all the time.  There isn’t an area of my life that I feel like God doesn’t bless me in.  The thing is, though, that if we don’t take the time to see the blessings we can easily fall into feeling like we are going through this life all alone.  So, today I am going to take the time to list 10 things I am grateful for this week.

1.  My husband took Monday off work and installed new lights in our bedroom and dining room, and a new fan in our living room – such a blessing!

2.  My school this week (more on school later) was really easy and allowed me to help my husband all day Monday, spend half the day Tuesday talking to a good friend, and still be done by Thursday morning.  That gave me all day Friday to focus on other things and relax!

3.  My youngest, whom we have been having a lot of problems with, found out she is going to be a big sister (more on that soon as well) and has decided that she needs to start taking on some responsibilities and acting nicer.

4.  Thanks to #2 I had extra time this week to really sit down and spend time with my oldest.  She is growing so fast and sometimes it feels like she has changed so much that I don’t even know her anymore so that extra time was so nice!

5.  My second child is the sweetest little man in the entire world and is constantly giving me hugs and kisses.  At 7 years old I am afraid this open and unashamed love will be over soon, but I am enjoying it while I can.

6.  I was finally able to get some seeds started for transplanting later.  My oldest helped with that and she wants to be in charge of the garden, that is so awesome and will help me out so much considering how busy I am.

7.  Health…I recently went to the doctor and my blood work is way better than it was the last time I went.  I didn’t have any problems before, but I was getting close to the borderline zone for a lot of things and now everything is completely normal except for my Vitamin D levels which have been low for years.  I really don’t know what all that’s about, but I am thankful for all my other numbers being so good.

8.  My husband’s activities outside the home…Every other week my husband basically has a “guys night out.”  While some women may be jealous of this, I love it.  I want to spend time with him whenever I get the chance, but there is something so special about having time with just me and the kids in the evening after dinner.  This week we watched “The Goonies” together complete with stovetop popcorn and little boxes of movie candy I found at the dollar store.  So much fun!

9.  My boy’s new dog that I didn’t really want to begin with.  Lol, I’m not much of a dog person so I wasn’t too sure about getting him a puppy, but I am so glad I did!  This sweet little guy wakes me up every morning by jumping in bed with me and cuddling up on my side.  Then he sticks his head under my hand and won’t stop moving around until I pet him.  It is so much nicer to wake up this way than to a blaring alarm clock!  He is also great for the kids and keeps them very active.

10.  My grandma…She is 90+ (seriously, she won’t tell us exactly how old she is because she doesn’t want to sound too old lol), and she has definitely “been there and done that.”  She remembers what it was like to be a mother of four so when I call her for the first time in months she tells me not to worry about it because she has been in my shoes before.  She always tells me that she is proud of what I do, and to top it all off she is the closest thing to a saint on earth I ever have and probably will ever meet.

I’ve had a great week and God has blessed me in so many ways.  Hope everyone out there has had a great week as well!

I’m back, sort of…

Has it really been a year and a half since I posted?  Geesh, to say that “time got away from me” would be a bit of an understatement.  In all honesty things have just been so crazy for what seems like forever now that the thought of posting just didn’t even come up in my brain.  I’m still pretty busy, but I find myself wanting to talk about things, to no one in particular, and with all my friends being just about as busy as I am the thought of blogging just to get everything out of my head and into some type of format crossed my mind, then I remembered that I started a blog a very (VERY) long time ago:)  So, I’m not making any promises, mostly because blogging is just a side note to my real life that has demands of it’s own, but I am planning on posting more.

Math bean bags!

I had some fun last night making some numbered bean bags for my little ones.


They were super easy to make, I just cut some 5″x10″ strips of fabric, and then cut some numbers from an old worn out t-shirt. After trying it out I think a non stretchy fabric would have worked better, but live and learn! I took the fabric numbers and machine appliquéd them onto the strips, and then folded the strips right sides together and sewed the three open edges together, leaving a gap to turn the bags with. Then I turned the bags, filled with a bit of rice, and sewed the gaps closed. Easy peasy!

New dress!

I had a wonderful time over at my friends house the other night. She is a wonderful seamstress and we got together to make my youngest a new dress. I love working with her, she is such a patient teacher and I learn something new every time I go over there. I learned how to gather on this dress (on the sleeves). We had a blast, it probably took twice as long for her to help me make it than if she just made it herself, that’s why she is such a great teacher, she has tons of patience! I am so thankful that God has sent such a wonderful friend into my life!


Bias tape woes

Geesh, I spent all afternoon yesterday trying to make some nice looking hot pads. Everything is great until I get to the bias tape part, and then it just all goes downhill from there. I can’t get the mitered corners right and it really stinks! I’ve tried four different techniques and nothing is working right. I’m usually pretty good at figuring things out, especially with sewing, but this has me stumped! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

You have mail!

I love to hear that phrase! That is, as long as they aren’t bills, lol. About a month ago I spent some time with my family in Indiana. Every time I go I seem to collect more stuff than what will fit in my bags to come home with, so I always pack a box, get it all labeled and ready to go, and then my Dad sends it when he gets a chance. This past trip my Grandmother let me go through her fabric stash and take as much as I wanted! She told me that she was done sewing and anything I didn’t take was either going to be given to Goodwill or to the local quilting guild. She had tons of fabric! Most of my fabric stash is a yard here and a yard there, almost all of her fabrics were 3-4 yards plus, and she even had closer to ten yards of one fabric! I don’t have a clue what I’m going to make with all this fabric, but I’m sure looking forward to figuring it out! I also found a bunch of books at my Dad’s house that I was going to purchase for our homeschool this year and a few books that were on my reading list, so I got to pack those up as well. God is so good to provide! He doesn’t always do things the way we expect, but who cares if I bought the books and fabric or was given them? It’s all the same in the end, except the fact that I got to be a blessing to my family as well and help them get rid of things that they no longer have any use for:)