Momma’s in college and the kids are homeschooled…

We are still homeschooling, it’s been four years since we made the plunge and we still feel like it’s the best thing that we’ve done for our children.  I’ve spent hours coming up with “perfect” lesson plans, finding resources, organizing the school year, etc.  The thing is, I’ve been called to change.  Although at times it was frustrating and overwhelming, a part of me has loved every minute of it all.  Now God has called me to do other things with my time as well and something had to give.  I started college in January.  Thankfully my degree is 100% online and on my schedule.  I am told at the beginning of the week what I need to get done, and I turn it in by the end of the week.  Without this kind of flexibility I don’t think I could do this, God is so good to have set this up for me like that!  I realized early on that I couldn’t go to college and homeschool the kids the same way that I have been doing it.

Enter online schooling!  My oldest is using the curriculum at All In One Homeschool and I have to say that I love it!  It is so thorough, teaches everything exactly how I would teach it, and teaches my daughter to take personal responsibility for her work.  We do not use the math or science on there though.  We use Saxon Math, not the crazy expensive homeschool version, just a used public school textbook and I don’t think she could get a better math foundation from any other curriculum.  She really wanted something special for science we tried a few things and decided on Uzzingo and she seems to really enjoy it.  I think this fall though we might switch out to Apologia science but I haven’t decided 100% on that yet.  My second child is using Time 4 Learning.  It’s not my favorite program ever, but it will work just fine for now until he is old enough to use All In One Homeschool independently.  My youngest two are using ABC Mouse to learn all of their basics.

This new way of homeschooling is so wonderful for us right now.  It allows us all to get done what we need to get done for the day without everyone waiting on Mommy to sit down and teach them.  Of course I still go over things with them and check their grades to see if there is anything they need special help on, but it saves me so much time and allows me the time and energy that I need to focus on my goals as well.