So blessed

I am blessed all the time.  There isn’t an area of my life that I feel like God doesn’t bless me in.  The thing is, though, that if we don’t take the time to see the blessings we can easily fall into feeling like we are going through this life all alone.  So, today I am going to take the time to list 10 things I am grateful for this week.

1.  My husband took Monday off work and installed new lights in our bedroom and dining room, and a new fan in our living room – such a blessing!

2.  My school this week (more on school later) was really easy and allowed me to help my husband all day Monday, spend half the day Tuesday talking to a good friend, and still be done by Thursday morning.  That gave me all day Friday to focus on other things and relax!

3.  My youngest, whom we have been having a lot of problems with, found out she is going to be a big sister (more on that soon as well) and has decided that she needs to start taking on some responsibilities and acting nicer.

4.  Thanks to #2 I had extra time this week to really sit down and spend time with my oldest.  She is growing so fast and sometimes it feels like she has changed so much that I don’t even know her anymore so that extra time was so nice!

5.  My second child is the sweetest little man in the entire world and is constantly giving me hugs and kisses.  At 7 years old I am afraid this open and unashamed love will be over soon, but I am enjoying it while I can.

6.  I was finally able to get some seeds started for transplanting later.  My oldest helped with that and she wants to be in charge of the garden, that is so awesome and will help me out so much considering how busy I am.

7.  Health…I recently went to the doctor and my blood work is way better than it was the last time I went.  I didn’t have any problems before, but I was getting close to the borderline zone for a lot of things and now everything is completely normal except for my Vitamin D levels which have been low for years.  I really don’t know what all that’s about, but I am thankful for all my other numbers being so good.

8.  My husband’s activities outside the home…Every other week my husband basically has a “guys night out.”  While some women may be jealous of this, I love it.  I want to spend time with him whenever I get the chance, but there is something so special about having time with just me and the kids in the evening after dinner.  This week we watched “The Goonies” together complete with stovetop popcorn and little boxes of movie candy I found at the dollar store.  So much fun!

9.  My boy’s new dog that I didn’t really want to begin with.  Lol, I’m not much of a dog person so I wasn’t too sure about getting him a puppy, but I am so glad I did!  This sweet little guy wakes me up every morning by jumping in bed with me and cuddling up on my side.  Then he sticks his head under my hand and won’t stop moving around until I pet him.  It is so much nicer to wake up this way than to a blaring alarm clock!  He is also great for the kids and keeps them very active.

10.  My grandma…She is 90+ (seriously, she won’t tell us exactly how old she is because she doesn’t want to sound too old lol), and she has definitely “been there and done that.”  She remembers what it was like to be a mother of four so when I call her for the first time in months she tells me not to worry about it because she has been in my shoes before.  She always tells me that she is proud of what I do, and to top it all off she is the closest thing to a saint on earth I ever have and probably will ever meet.

I’ve had a great week and God has blessed me in so many ways.  Hope everyone out there has had a great week as well!


Blessings in disguise

Have you ever laid in bed at night begging God to help you or to give you an answer, but no matter how hard you try it feels like you are talking to a brick wall? We’ve all had this happen to us at on point in time or another. Remember that no matter how things may seem God IS listening!

The other night I was feeling particularly alone. It just seemed like life was getting the better of me and nothing was going quite as planned. To make it worse I somehow got the odd notion in my head that my husband just didn’t love me like he used to. We’ve all been so busy lately tending to the needs of the family as a whole that I think we just forgot to take time for each other individually.

I lay awake asking God to show me that my husband loved me, to remind me of something he has done for me lately to show me he cared, to take away the lonely feeling, ANYTHING to make me feel better! I finally fell asleep without any answer, without feeling better, feeling like I was praying to a brick wall. The next day life went on as normal, no change whatsoever, and I really had to guard myself from grumbling in my heart that God wasn’t helping me.

Then, it was time to start dinner. I started up the grill and grabbed some Italian sausages out of the fridge. As soon as I opened them a horrible stench hit my nostrils and I knew they were bad. I hate to waste money but it wasn’t that big of a deal, I figured I would just grab the country ribs that were also in the fridge and cook those instead. Once I opened the the same putrid smell hit my nostrils and I went into panic mode. I was already late starting dinner, we should be eating but I had just started cooking, the meat was bad, and everything else was frozen solid! To make matters worse my husband would highly prefer to just be a carnivore and I knew that serving him a vegetarian meal could easily start a big fight. I did the only thing I could do and went and told him the truth. I was expecting a lecture at best, but was bracing myself for some pretty harsh words. If there’s anything sacred in this house, it’s my husbands dinner!

To my complete and total surprise my husband smiled and said not to worry about it with a big smile on his face. I just stared at him blankly in shock and he laughed and told me not to worry about it. This was very odd behavior, I was actually worried that he was playing some trick on me to get me softened up before the final blow and I began apologizing profusely. He looked at me and asked if I got mad at him when he makes mistakes. I thought about it for a second and told him that I didn’t. Then he asked me what right he had to get upset with me over a mistake if I don’t get mad at him for the same thing. After that we decided on some fried chicken and I ran out and grabbed some KFC.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but that was God’s way of showing me that he does still love me. Only love will grant the type of grace required for an extremely hungry man to smile when his dinner is not only late but ruined as well. Only love not only forgives but uses that same mistake as a means to point out my good points (of not getting mad at him). My husband may not always show me that he loves me in a way that I consistently recognize, but God showed me that he still loves me just the same. Our ruined dinner turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Always remember to look for God in your life, He may be telling you something even if you feel like He isn’t listening!

God’s Faithfulness

Sometimes in life things don’t always go as we had planned and we question the faithfulness of God. There are times in every Christian’s life that we lay awake at night pleading with God to just let us know that He is still there and cares about us at all. Last night my church ended our summer concert series with the JJ Weeks Band (who I highly recommend by the way, look them up if you’ve never heard of them!), and the lead singer actually talked about this very thing. A lot was said, but one phrase stuck in my mind and I think it’s important that we all hear it, those times when we feel like God isn’t listening, when we feel like He doesn’t care and he’s going to let us fall, those are the times that He is actively working in our lives to remedy every situation that we are in. It’s another version of the “Footprints in the Sand” poem, but one well worth repeating. We all have tough times, and we all feel like God has left us at some point in time. Just remember that we serve a good God who will NEVER leave us or forsake us, He just has a tendency to do things His way, not ours (which I personally think is a VERY good thing!). Have a great Sunday and remember to keep the faith!